Dontre Hamilton

Killed on April 30, 2014, age 31

On November 15th, the Mothers For Justice Circle convened for the first time. Maria’s son, Dameion, shared a written piece that came to him in a dream about his brother, Dontre Hamilton.

As Dameion welcomed the Mothers he said, “I know she has been working towards this day for a long time, she envisioned it, and made it happen. Creating a place of support for people who are experiencing pain in the loss of their loved ones. I’m so glad this day has finally come.”
Usually soft-spoken, Dameion shared this for Maria at the Mothers For Justice gathering,
“Since Dontre passed a lot of the family members have seen him in visions or talked to him in their dreams, and they have come out and shared. Me, I have had my own personal experience but I have not shared until now. When I had the experience he didn’t say much, he was just smiling, and all he told me was, “Tell mama don’t cry.” Then I was watching a movie, and I heard him whisper into my ear again, “Tell mama don’t cry.” I began to listen to the message as it continued. And then the next day, I was at work and a coworker and I were talking and he looked at me and said, “Tell your mother not to cry.”

Since that moment, I knew I had to do something with the message.

So I prayed about it, and this poem came to me in a dream, from Dontre. And he told me to tell you… ”